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Thomas Ashe Lockhart was born in 1928 in Charlotte. He describes life in Charlotte during the Great Depression. Lockhart attended UNC for undergraduate and continued his legal studies at UNC School of Law. He enlisted in military service in 1951 and was quickly commissioned as a first lieutenant to serve in the Judge Advocate General Corps in Korea. He reflects on the rich trial advocacy experience he gained in the service. Lockhart transitioned into private practice (solo at first) in Charlotte. He practiced law with a particular interest in litigation. He speaks about a few of his major cases including the Alford case that went to the N.C. Supreme Court four times (see Alford v. Shaw, 398 S.E.2d 445, 327 N.C. 526 (1990)). He also reflects on meditation and other ways that lawyers can reduce stress and maintain a work-life balance.

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