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James K. Dorsett, Jr., born in Spencer, N.C. in 1916, speaks about the positive influences of his family, schoolteachers, and the church. He describes his time at Davidson College, including his studies and four-year involvement with ROTC, through which he received his commission. Additional topics addressed by Dorsett are his studies as UNC School of Law, the beginning of his active duty in the Army infantry following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and his experiences in the liberation of Europe during World War II. He speaks about his time practicing law in Raleigh (mainly in business and corporate law) and his role as executive vice president/general counsel for Wachovia Bank & Trust beginning in 1970. He reflects on returning to private practice and playing a significant role in the flue-cured tobacco negotiations in the 1970s and 1980s and representing large corporate clients in North Carolina. He concludes with his thoughts on the importance of ethics in legal practice.

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