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Justice Willis P. Whichard, born in 1940 in Durham, studied history at UNC and continued on to graduate from UNC School of Law in 1965. After law school he clerked for Justice Bobbitt of the N.C. Supreme Court and then joined the Durham firm Poe & Porter. In this interview he first shares memories about growing up in segregated society. He continues on to describe important cases from his private legal career including Price v. Tomrich Corp. [167 S.E.2d 766, 275 N.C. 385 (1969)] and State v. Rogers [168 S.E.2d 345, 275 N.C. 411 (1969)], service to the state as a member of the legislature in the 1970s, and experience as a judge on the N.C. Court of Appeals. He concludes by discussing his role as a justice on the N.C. Supreme Court and offering thoughts about the modern practice of law.

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