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Interview SubjectCall NumberRecord NumberLink to Audio / Transcript
Horace Robinson KornegayKFN7926.A8 K67 1994b30087697
Robert H. LaceyKFN7925 .L33 1992b27235051
Hon. I. Beverly Lake, Sr.KFN7925 .L35 1992b27242663
John Kenneth LeeKFN7926.A8 L44 1995b41358636
Hon. Jerry W. LeonardKFN7926.A8 L46 1995b41358703
Kenneth Winstead LewisKFN7926.A8 L48 1995b30087703
Thomas Ashe LockhartKFN7926.A8 L62 1996b41358648
Hon. Patricia Hunt LoveKFN7925 .L68 1994b30077722
Hazel MackKFN7926.A8 M3 1995b41358715
Hon. Howard E. Manning, Jr.KFN7925 .M37 1997b41358594
Hon. Harry C. MartinKFN7925 .M38 1994b27139049
Hon. Robert McKinney Martin, Jr.KFN7925 .M39 1996b30373165
Pender R. McElroyKFN7926.A8 M33 1996b39122062
Hon. James B. McMillanKFN7925 .M35 1992b27139001
Duncan A. McMillanKFN7926.A8 M32 1992b27242705
Robert L. McMillan, Jr.KFN7926.A8 M34 1992b30113581
Hon. Louis B. MeyerKFN7925 .M49 1995b3037313x
Hon. Burley Mitchell, Jr.KFN7925 .M58 1994b27231197
William P. MurphyKFN7926.A8 M87 1995
Barry NakellKFN7926.A8 N35 1994b2713913x
Michael G. OkunKFN7926.A8 O52 1995b41358685
B.B. OliveKFN7926.A8 O55 1994b27231227
William E. PoeKFN7926.A8 P64 1995b30414866
Hon. Elreta N. Melton Alexander RalstonKFN7925 .A54 1994b27231239